Why Work With Cindy

Market Knowledge

Cindy’s extensive research pays off for his clients. She will not only know a home’s present value, but has the ability to understand what a home may be worth in the future. She will be able to direct you and make sure you make a sound investment.


An Educated Choice

You found a home with the floor plan you have fallen in love with. But, what about the roof? What about the foundation?

Some  “trophy” home you absolutely love could become a bottomless money pit. Cindy will guide you in making the right decision based on years of home buying know-how and not emotion.




Real estate contracts can be intimidating and full of pit falls. Having Cindy review the contract before signing could save you thousands in added expenses. Cindy can review, negotiate, and inform every aspect of a contract for you.



Buying a home in Bay Area can be a challenging endeavor. Having Cindy at your side will give you the assurance that everything will be taken care of for you. From finding the right home, getting the best financing, to negotiating with the sellers, and servicing you after the deal, Cindy will be your most valuable asset during the entire process.